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360_F_345203917_uXXAraKJ0PPj165I1gex3LXuQRk8KJZ4Civil War Exhibit

The New Mexico Military Museum’s Civil War exhibit is now open. This exhibit showcases New Mexico’s Civil War. This interactive display focuses on New Mexico’s story as well as on the Battle of Glorieta pass through an interactive map.

The large touch-screen display will include categories such as: Key Players – which focuses on soldiers that played key roles in Union and Confederate actions; Forts – which will focus on the Union forts where battles or strategic actions took place; Battles – which will summarize Union v. Confederate engagements; and so on.


Art Exhibitcropfordesign

After the completion of the Civil War exhibit, it is the Museum’s hope to begin curation, design, and installation of its planned Art of War exhibit. The New Mexico Military Museum has a artworks by, about, and for veterans that tell their story through multiple means, avenues, and mediums.

While this exhibit is still in its planning stages, the Museum hopes that it can complete it by the end of the year. Stay tuned about the status of this exhibit as well.

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