The New Mexico Military Museum


The primary goal of the New Mexico Military Museum will be to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about New Mexico’s military history. This museum will seek to strengthen public understanding of how conflicts have shaped the state of New Mexico as well as the national experience.

By documenting, preserving, and exhibiting the stories of war through our collections, we hope that we may begin a dialogue with the community about how wartime efforts have shaped the state of New Mexico and the world-at-large.

Current Goals

The Museum is turning over a new leaf in its history. Now, the Museum is focused on a single goal which is to tell the story of military history through the lens of New Mexico’s history.  This is done by focusing on collections care.

With a Museum Director now in place, the Museum is now working on gaining intellectual and physical control of its collections with new cataloging strategies in place, as well as new exhibits planned.

To learn more, visit the New Mexico Military Museum website. The museum is part of the Department of Military Affairs, under the State of New Mexico.

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