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The New Mexico Military Museum Foundation functions as the Museum’s fundraising arm, because military personnel and representatives of the federal and New Mexico state governments are prohibited by law from soliciting funds, goods or services.  Your support will provide the Foundation with the necessary funds to complete the exhibit through its two phases as well as help develop related educational programs and/or opening event(s).

2020.01.1Upcoming Exhibit

The New Mexico Military Museum is planning for an art exhibit – to be completed by the end of 2021 (in the hopes that the museum will be open, in some fashion, by this time). This exhibit will be conducted in two phases due to funding and staffing constraints.

The first phase will include the installation of 2-D works (e.g. painting, photographs, posters, etc.). The second, and the most expensive, phase will address 3-D works (e.g. sculptures, trench art, etc.).

Ways to Support the Upcoming Art Exhibitcropfordesign

The New Mexico Military Museum has already done the groundwork as far as planning and will need funds to purchased specific art systems for display, paint for interior walls, patching of the ceiling and walls for the proposed exhibit site, printing costs, and so on.

Showing support for this exhibit would be: donating funds specifically earmarked for this display; and/or purchasing specific equipment (as defined by the museum) for the exhibit.


Sponsors and donors will be recognized through the exhibit’s sponsors list, its related events, and in all printed materials related to the exhibit.

For information on how to donate, please contact the foundation at

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